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The Big Door Prize

Coming soon to Apple TV!

"An eccentric, well written novel... jam packed with appealing characters and their dreams."

- Kirkus Reviews

Swab your cheek...

The Big Door Prize_trade paperback final cover.jpg

...cross your fingers...


Change your life.

The Big Door Prize_trade paperback final cover.jpg

The Big Door Prize calls attention to the ordinary, hard-won joys of real people. M.O. Walsh’s second novel is a feel-good read in a down-home setting, with serious undertones.

Mari Carlson


One of

the most big-hearted

books you'll ever read.

Daniel Wallace

author of Big Fish

A wise, wry, twisty,

and entertaining tale.

I loved it.

Joshilyn Jackson

author of Never Have I Ever

What would you do if you knew your life's potential?

That's the question facing the town of Deerfield, Louisiana, when an unusual new contraption appears in their local grocery store. The DNAMIX machine is nothing to look at, really—it resembles a plain photo booth. But its promise is amazing: with just a quick swab of your cheek and two dollars, the device claims to use the science of DNA to tell you your life's potential.

With enough credibility to make the townspeople curious, soon the former teachers, nurses, and shopkeepers of Deerfield are abruptly changing course to pursue their destinies as magicians, cowboys, and athletesincluding Douglas Hubbard and his wife, Cherilyn, who both believed they were leading perfectly happy lives until they realized they could dream for more...

At equal turns moving, hilarious, and suspenseful,       
The Big Door Prize explores the ways in which the glimmer of opportunity can bring a community together, pull it apart, and reveal the power of self-discovery, even under the strangest of circumstances.

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